Marketing services

Niche Media is an independent, boutique media agency founded and based in Monaco, helping local and international businesses to achieve their goals in the Principality of Monaco.

We are experts in niche marketing. Why is this important? Because "Niche" is a specialised segment of the market that appeals to a small, unique section of the population.

The Principality of Monaco has a very unique market with a high density of millionaires. The average net-worth/household is estimated at 3 million Euro. Furthermore, 1 in 52 residents is considered as UHNW. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals are people with investable assets of at least $30 million.

Thanks to our unparalleled network of 3,200 Monaco resident households and over 6,000 business leaders and decision-makers in the Principality of Monaco, Niche Media can offer you the key to success in Monaco.

Niche Media key

Brand awareness

Driven by more than 11 years of local experience, Niche Media’s aim is to create value for the local community and to promote the Principality in the international scene.

Thanks to its unparalleled Monaco network, Niche Media also assists its clients in the creation of UHNW related Brand Awareness Strategies, and the realization of campaign-related printed and digital publications.

Media placement

We offer a great variety of advertisement opportunities for your brand to shine. Furthermore, we guarantee that your message will land in the hands of your target group.

Digital strategy

We offer a great variety of digital approaches for your brand to shine. Furthermore, we guarantee that your message will land in the hands of your target group.

Digital campaigns, distribution of product videos, PR-articles, advertorials, banners, newsletters, social media, and a whole other range of possibilities.

Publishing services

Niche Media offers a full range of publishing services to turn your dream and concept into tangible reality.

We guide corporate entities and private individuals to launch their portfolios, magazines, and books, both in a digital and a physically printed format.

Live events & Product launch

Showcase your brand to a pre-qualified group of Monaco residents. We guide you to identify the best location, strategy and we are happy to help you to create for your brand a worthy guest list.

For our premium partners, we can offer local brand representation and personal introductions. Having a local contact in Monaco can effectively reduce your sales cycles.

Owned by Niche Media, the Monaco Residents’ (Magazine) Club creates opportunities for personal networking, in a private and exclusive environment. The Monaco Residents’ (Magazine) Club also offers the perfect opportunity for bespoke brands to create private dinners and unique product launches.