Secrets of Art Magazine – Spring 2020


The Secrets of Art Magazine is aimed for those who have a strong passion and interest in the visual culture whether they are artists, art professionals, collectors or art lovers.

The Spring 2020 Issue of the Secrets of Art Magazine is printed in 64 pages.

Published: March 2020

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Dear Reader,

Art is in motion, because it reflects life and our bond to all that surrounds us, whether they are other people, the nature, our environment, our inner world. Our environment, our Earth and the people living on it are in more need than ever of creative visions to uplift them and to have them “breathe” again. Although we might not hear, read or see them in action but many creators, advocates, artists, visionaries around the world are dedicating their energies to question, answer and envision new, better realities.

The articles of this Spring issue, reflect this theme of our relationship with Earth and the natural world, as well as the network of support among different people and how they can become creative art pieces themselves. The artists, who travel and leave their artistic “footprints” in nature, allowing them to blend into it back again, the statue park that changes with every season, the art programme that connects women artists from all over the world to support them, the luxury marque that provides muse to artists, creating value for them and itself: all these people, places and initiatives aim to provide You a glimpse of the various inspirational ways our World, the Earth and Life on it are transformed by people who believe in making a difference.

What really matters is that You don’t have to be an artist or an activist to create a difference and to add to more consciousness in our world. Your contribution comes from appreciation and openness towards all that might not be the usual way of seeing things. Perhaps by reading one of the articles, you will be motivated to seek out, visit one of the places or to read more about a specific theme, or even to be a bit more creative and playful in your life.

With this seed of hope, I wish You lots of positive and aha moments while reading this new issue!

With sincere regards,

Dorottya Novak
Chief Editor

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