Living in Monaco - The Monaco Residents' Magazine

Exclusive magazine for the Residents of the Principality of Monaco. The Monaco Residents’ Magazine is focusing on some of the most inspiring stories and remarkable achievements of local residents and Monegasque nationals.

Since the very first edition, our most sincere goal was to bring the Principality closer to people.

The articles introduce a great variety of motivational stories, ranging from the Monegasque billionaires to the employees and the entrepreneurs of the Principality. All those who make this breathtaking place unique by contributing to the local community in their own fields.

What differenciates us

Highly-targeted distribution runs throughout the year

Numerous invitation-only venues

Private and exclusive - not a kiosk magazine

Hand-delivery to our top clients

We Connect and Motivate the residents

We are proud to Create Value for the Monaco community

Verified Monaco resident readers
x a year
Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter editions
+ pages
printed in English

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Key indicators

Directly distributed to private home addresses in the Principality of Monaco

42% of the Monaco residents are millionaires

Focus on the individual life stories of the residents

Landing directly in the hands of the residents

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