The Superyacht Industry book contributors

Selected contributing authors

The first edition was made in collaboration with more than 95 experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts.

They are sharing their experience and true gold nuggets of information that will give you years of competitive advantage to understanding the superyacht industry.

"The first book about the superyacht industry.  It is an indispensable book and definitive resource for anyone interested in modern yachting." – Jonathan Beckett

The superyacht industry is the book that tells you all about yachts of over 50 meters long and the industry behind it. From the initial concept of the design, to parts and systems which together form a modern yacht, the construction and all the way to yacht sales, management and operation.

Detailed description of the various subjects, written in easy language, as well as the use of many drawings and pictures, make this book perfectly readable for everybody interested in the yachting world.

"The future of yachting begins today and belongs to those of the future. We owe it to the next generation to leave a lasting legacy in which they can grow and learn, not only from our triumphs but our mistakes too. Creating a sustainable future starts with education." - states H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout, Minister of State.

The Superyacht Industry book contributors

Selected contributing authors

The superyacht industry book will certainly prove to be an asset, not only for the use at universities and training programs, but as a work of reference for yacht owners and everyone employed in the yachting industry.

"The world of the superyacht is often misunderstood. While the most visible element of yachting is the end result; a beautifully designed piece of complex engineering cruising in clear blue waters. The reality is that the journey to that point is long and complex – involving thousands of different skillsets and areas of expertise.

In this book Marcela has been able to bring together the knowledge and expertise of some of the leading names in the yacht business, and the outcome is a deeper insight into what I call “the business of yachting" - Jamie Edmiston Chief Executive, Edmiston.

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