Selected list of books

Please find below a selection of the books we have edited in the past years.

Niche is a specialised segment of the market that appeals to a small, unique section of the population.

Living in Monaco

Living in Monaco

A comprehensive, objective and brutally honest book about the Principality of Monaco and its living environment. The author intended to hunt down the myth around Monaco and to go beyond gossips. It is not a travel book, it is an ultimate guideline to those who are aiming to get a glimpse about the real Monaco and who have the desire to relocate their personal or business life to the Principality. Traps, frauds, socialite games, benefits, advantages are all covered with tools to reach out the maximum potential in the shortest period of time. Reading the "Living in Monaco" book you will face the really important questions, such as the required funds to relocate your family versus the small amount shortcuts toward your aims. The author discloses some of his personal experiences regarding how you can relocate from 20 000 Euro, how can you receive a 10 Million Euro credit line without having any kind of assets or how people use the label "Monaco" to collect multi-million Euro funds. Through the previously untold stories, the aim of present book is to raise attention to the most typical frauds and moral hazards usually committed by non-Monaco based gold diggers and fortune hunters. Present book is also intended to support the local businesses by educating their prospective clients and to be your own practical guide, including all the main contacts you need to proceed further with the aims and goals you deserve.

The Superyacht Industry

The Superyacht Industry book is a comprehensive guide for the superyacht industry, envisioned by Marcela de Kern Royer. The first edition was made in collaboration with more than 95 experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts.

The superyacht industry is the book that tells you all about yachts of over 50 meters long and the industry behind it. From the initial concept of the design, to parts and systems which together form a modern yacht, the construction and all the way to yacht sales, management and operation.

Detailed description of the various subjects, written in easy language, as well as the use of many drawings and pictures, make this book perfectly readable for everybody interested in the yachting world.

NO EXCUSE! in business book by Zsolt Szemerszky

NO EXCUSE! in business

Thinking outside the box and challenging the existing economic situation are the two most important thoughts behind this book written by the National Quality Prize winner Revenue specialist, Zsolt Szemerszky. The Revenue specialist Zsolt states that we are losing almost 90% of our business potentials because of not handling business excuses such as price, time, budget, lawyers, etc... as well as the unseen marketing gaps.

The “NO EXCUSE! in business” book is an extremely useful tool to understand our business potentials and to create an intense profit growth in our business. A real, life experience-based guide to master the selling and to increase our revenue.

Out of the Box Innovation

Before Dodo Newman achieved her life long dream to be a luxury artist and the Inspirationaliste she spent more than 15 years in various business fields. Being also a business owner, she learned how to overcome difficulties and excuses and how to achieve actual results.

In February 2013 she amazed the International University of Monaco with a presentation about Out of the Box Innovation. Her session included life-changing topics such as: The reality of Success, Excuses versus Performance, Aim and its Realization, Obstacles and Challenging them, Fear, Motivating others, Joint forces, Breakthrough. A main conclusion of her presentation was to make the International University of Monaco students realize that they are able to realize their dreams in any circumstance.

Out of the box innovation book by Dodo Newman
The Monaco Business Development Plan

Increasing QUALITY, gaining RESULT in the field of Marketing: The Monaco Business Development Plan For Financial Actors

Most of the businesses have unused resources to capitalize. Present book is a brainstorming document to highlight some of the potential areas for improvement of quality and the increase of the number of new clients. The author, Zsolt Szemerszky and his business partner were requested to create a strategical approach for one of the major banks in the Principality of Monaco, due to their challenges after the financial crisis.

They met with various leaders and employees of the bank and gave them a collection of observations, ideas and more importantly tools to use the learnt things in their own areas. This way they were able to create positive developments, including out of the box thinking and new way towards prospective clients.The after-effect of the economic crisis hit the bank quite hard and we highlighted many areas to improve, starting from the budget saving perspective, to the co-operation with the local business actors.

The ultimate goal was to optimize, improve and measure the marketing processes and by involving new and outside the box marketing strategies, to target more prospective clients.

Monaco - The Essential Relocation Guide

Monaco is the undisputed home of the rich and famous, and attracts residents from all around the world due to the exceptional lifestyle, safety and multiple benefits avaliable for the entire family. In this guide, the contributing authors have compiled the most important and vital information required to help guide you through the process of relocating to the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco Relocation Guide
Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco

Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco with Wine Pairing Guide

Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco is a distinctive publication highlighting the exceptional culinary scene of the Principality, whilst focusing on gastronomical specialities and offering an overview of the heritage of Monaco. Showcasing the most excellent restaurants in Monaco, this culinary guide offers its readers a unique experience as they are presented a rare insight into the characters and personalities behind these wonderful gastronomical locations. The authors have carefully selected ten of the finest restaurants of Monaco and have reached out to their Executive Chefs holding together over 50 Michelin stars and their sommeliers, asking them to share a unique recipe of one of their signature dishes with wine suggestions.

The Inspirationalist: The True Life of Dodo Newman

This journey is a travel of extremes to find the real spirit of things and people. Your journey to the World of dreams. It is about a time travel from the past to the present, aiming to show different mentalities in the World, life experiences during Communism, Dictatorship, India, Islam, Materialism, Poverty, Spirituality, Tolerance.

The Inspirationalist book
Incredible Titanic Life Stories

Incredible Titanic Life Stories: Cultural changes over 100 years & Borderless Art

Incredible life stories from the legendary Titanic ship.The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Cultural Commemorative Project was envisioned by Berlin based artist and Inspirationalist, Dodo Newman. It presented borderless art and cultural changes over 100 years.During the project multiple nations came together, numerous national representatives, cultural attachés, ambassadors and embassies to share their cultural histories and roots, and to safeguard the memory of the passengers of their own nations.Focusing on the human aspects of the Titanic ship, Dodo’s extraordinary Titanic Cultural Commemorative Project was an art initiative marking this centenary. And still it is...Present selection also highlights some of the most fascinating human stories from the biggest maritime disaster of the human history.

Monaco Experts Academy

Monaco Experts Academy is dedicated to people aiming to achieve their personal and business goals. Our community shares the same goal of achieving visible results. No matter how the economic situation is there are always companies who are able to grown and to increase their wealth.

Monaco Experts Academy
Creating Business Value book

Creating Business Value

The Creating Business Value is an ultimate guideline from the National Quality Prize winner Zsolt Szemerszky. Having spent 16 years in the business as revenue specialist and business process modeller, the author Zsolt Szemerszky decided to collect the keys that led to his success into this book. All the basic philosophies of Zsolt are collected into the Creating Business Value book.

Diabetes: The way towards Cure

Diabetes: The way towards Cure book offers a chance for a more balanced, healthy and quality life for those who are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. It pulls together into one place the vocabulary of Diabetes, to understand the current researches and technical developments related to Diabetes Mellitus.

“All types of Diabetes are treatable.”

There is a great misconception about Diabetes, but why? How is it possible that Diabetes is one of the deadliest disease which effects 8.8% of our population (422 million people!) and still people do not know about its seven different types.

“It is estimated that about 80,000 children develop the disease each year.”

No, Diabetes is not about obesity. It is much more than that. Not to mention that many people having Diabetes are not even fat.

Diabetes effects women during pregnancy, it effects children from early ages, it is the reason for men to underperform in sexual activities, it is the 5th leading cause related to the death of women and the 8th leading cause of death in overall in people’s life.

"Risk factor: up to one in four pregnancies! depending on the region.”

Author Zsolt Szemerszky, who is a fellow Type 1 Diabetes sufferer decided to collect all the important information about Diabetes Mellitus and the latest efforts towards cure.

“The simplest explanation is that it is far too profitable to treat Diabetes than cure it.”

Highly recommended reading to people living with Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Pre-Diabetes and LADA.

Diabetes: The way towards cure
Around the World with Bradley Mitton: Wine Pairing Recipes

Around the World with Bradley Mitton: Wine Pairing Recipes

Europe’s preeminent culinary and gourmet wine expert Bradley Mitton releases his first culinary cook-book with an array of international recipes and wine pairing tips resulting from his years working in top-flight gastronomy.

And many more...